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Hi Friends today Im going to tell an app which is usefull to Instagram as well video creators. Name of the app is MoStory. Ypu can unfold your IG & Whatsapp stories  and make your story a piece of art.

Mostory is an animated video story editor app that offers 300+ story templates to help you create high quality video collage layouts for story and share the story directly on social media like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and Whatsapp.

I tried a lot of apps. This gave me the best results without the least effort. Clean, polished, well thought. Everything that Adobe WISHED they could do.

Get it. And then do pay for the templates, they are worth it.It’s simply awesome . I use Story Art pro. UPDATE: I contacted customer service and they were very diligent and resolve my issue.

Thank you for the service and this app. It’s complete and very awesome.

Features of  MoStory :

You can edit your photo with insta filters or animated hype type text box and make them amazing stories that get you likes and followers.

Add high quality Instagram animated story templates with different collage styles
Animated story design lab. Over 10 Themes for choice, including film, magazine, minimal, Polaroid, 2019 top nine and more.




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