India makes their own 2 TikTok Apps

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Due to Boycott China Indian Government banned 59 app including the world famous app TikTok. The tiktokers and their followers are worried about it. Finally Indian make 2 app its similar to tiktok.

Those like tiktok and it has some different features also but some features can be added to make it more better like It can have more filters of makeup with more effects because the quality of videos made by a cheap phone is not good and everyone can’t buy expensive phones.

So if more filters of makeup and beauty will be added then we can make lots of videos without any problem. Else this the app is amazing. And i think it will take the place of tiktok in future.

Download and share videos to get popular for your knowledge. Videos are created by users across interest areas like News, GK, Relationships, Health, English Learning, Entertainment, Travel, Food and Cooking, Motivation, Exams, Career, Shopping, Technology and any area of passion and interest.

Video creators can also earn royalty for the quality videos they create which get popular on  These Apps. This app is much good for making short videos.

I prephar all people to download this app and make videos

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