3 Unknown Tricks in Volume Key

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HI friends today im going to tell about the most tricks used in volume key. We need 3 apps to use this tricks.  Nobody know about this trick. Below we posted a trial video watch it fully. Click “Download” to Download the Application

1.. Typing Control

By using this app you can  undo and redo text edits by pressing volume key and  also move the cursor in any text field.


If you long press the volume keys allows you to undo and redo text edits.

Normal press on the volume keys lets your move the cursor in any text field .



Its easy to map custom actions to your volume buttons,  button or other hardware buttons. This app used to launch any app, shortcut or custom action with a single, double press or long press.

Very nice and clean. I mapped Easy Voice Recorder shortcut to Volume up and Flashlight to Volume Down. However, they don´t seem to work when the phone is locked with a black screen (Standby mode?!) and only sporadically when locked with the lock screen on. Would be nice to be able to start a recording without unlocking the phone, for emergency.


If we long press it open camera and take a photo and toggle your flashlight



3.. Oops! AppLock

I loved this app. without me anyone can’t touch my phone. and this password is invisible. but there is a problems now every person know about this app and when i restart my phon the app lock is gone. also anyone give some wrong password tho app lock is open and they change anything. Still the app is too good.

Features :

Oops Applock is Totally invisible.
Using Oops App lock Screen Lock nobody even notice phone is locked.
Oops Applock Screen Lock is most safest screenlock.
Using Oops App lock Screen Lock nobody can unlock your phone.


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