Earn 7500$ Per Month in Brave Browser – An Earning Browser

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Hi Friends now we are going to see an earning browser. This app is best security, No Ads, Specially you can money through this app. If you share it for 1 day to minimum 50 people, after 1 month you will receive: 5 x50x30=7500$ .

There are easy 3 ways to earn money in Brave :
1.View Ads
2. Become Publisher
3. Brave Free Grants

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Download Brave Browser It should used for 30 days to get money
1- Web : Users need to build the Basic Attention Token(BAT). You can take through visitors for your site

2- Referral  : Which you can use to earn more tokens.If any one downloads and use BRAVE Browser from your personal link you will get 1$ – 7.5$.

4- Advertisements : Watch ads to Earn BAT Tokens. Set it to 5 Ads per hour.

5- Must be Need : Verify Connect your BRAVE browser withyout UPHOLD account. To do that click the BAT icon on the BRAVE browser then click “Wallet Verify”.

6- Payout is is every 8th of the month. You can transfer them to your  Bank account or Other Sources

7. There is no Minimum Withdrawal limit.

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